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Any information obtained from CTVIA is not to be construed as medical or legal advice. The decision to vaccinate, and how you implement that decision, is yours and yours alone.


CTVIA Update-Please Read First

CTVIA.org is maintained for information purposes only. CTVIA no longer exists. The phone numbers posted no longer exist either. If you have questions that you can not find the answers to at CTVIA.org, you may email info@CTVIA.org.

The founder of CTVIA, Lisa Reiss, recently released a book about vaccines. To learn more about it visit: http://www.lisapublishing.com

For more current information please visit: http://www.NVIC.org

Our Mission Statement: CTVIA provides information about vaccines including laws, policies, and exemptions to Connecticut citizens. CTVIA neither discourages nor encourages vaccine use, but instead empowers people to understand their rights and make fully informed decisions. CTVIA is actively working to obtain and promote informed consent, protecting individual rights and responsibilities to make decisions regarding vaccines for children, adults and the elderly.

The Connecticut Vaccine Information Alliance is an information and advocacy non-profit organization composed of parents, professionals and other concerned individuals from the state.

Some members have vaccinated their children completely, others have chosen to decline all vaccinations, while still others have decided to accept certain vaccines but not all.

Members of CTVIA are united in our belief that unbiased, complete information concerning vaccines should be readily accessible and the choice as to whether or not to vaccinate should rest with the individual.

Have you considered?

  • That all states do not require the same vaccines? -The Consumer's Guide to Childhood Vaccines. Barbara Loe Fisher and National Vaccine Information Center, 1997.

  • That children are not required to be vaccinated? That Connecticut offers medical and religious exemptions? -Connecticut General Statutes Sections 10-204a and 19a-87b-10.

To learn more about vaccines please review our website. If you have further questions you may contact us at: info@ctvia.org

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